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Developing early language and pre-reading skills

Games, activities, rhymes and songs for adults and children to share

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Parents & Carers

Taking time to talk with your child is one of the most precious gifts a parent can give.  Chatterbox Champions cards have lots of ideas to help make the most of your conversations, focussing on activities that will have an impact on your child’s learning now and help them develop those all important pre-reading skills in a way that is fun, relaxed and interactive.


Nurseries and Early Years

Meeting the wide-ranging needs of all the children in your care is at the heart of what you do.  Chatterbox Champions help build early language skills, develop phonological awareness and encourage adult/child interactions. They can be used by practitioners or in collaboration with parents as part of your family learning programme.

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We know how hard you work to provide interesting, stimulating and worthwhile activities for the children in your care.  We know that you’ll have lots of toys, games and activities to ensure the environment you provide is nurturing and creative.  We’re also confident that Chatterbox Champions cards would be a great addition to your collection of early language resources! 

 “Chatterbox Champions cards are a brilliant resource for reinforcing early literacy skills in the nursery and we’re also using them as part of our home learning programme. They’re great!”

Abbey Nursery, Houston


Ideas for using the cards

  • At home - simple games and activities to do with your child in the house or when you’re out and about

  • In nursery - a great way to involve parents in their children’s learning

  • In school - as part of your home learning programme to develop phonological awareness and other pre-reading skills

  • With individuals - ideal when there is an early concern about vocabulary or speech and language development

    We’d love to hear how YOU use Chatterbox Champions! Why not post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to share your ideas?


The cards can be used again and again

Children love repetition and doing the activities regularly will help them to develop the pre-reading skills they require to become independent readers:

  • recognise rhyme

  • identify first letter sounds in words

  • distinguish syllables in a word

  • memorise simple lists and poems

  • build vocabulary

  • listen attentively

  • follow instructions

  • foster positive attitudes towards reading and books

Having good communication skills and vocabulary at an early stage helps children socialise, understand the world around them and express their thoughts and emotions.


What do I get in my pack?

Each set comes in a clear grip seal bag and contains:    

  • 26 A5 size activity cards

  • 1 Chatterbox Chart

  • 2 reward stickers

Additional charts can also be downloaded. click the link below.


 “We find Chatterbox Champions cards are great to use at group times, particularly with children requiring support with communication and language.”

Mairi McLean, Nursery Manager, Kilbarchan Community Nursery


Giving Back


Making a difference is central to what Chatterbox Champions is about and as part of that we intend to donate a percentage of our sales each year to various worthwhile causes. This year we will focus on Child Bereavement UK a charity which supports families and individuals as well as providing training for professionals. 


We were delighted to be able to attend Child Bereavement UK’s open afternoon at their Glasgow office last month and make our first donation of £200 on behalf of Chatterbox Champions. Thank you to every one of our customers who helped to make this possible.


 “Chatterbox Champions cards have helped increase parental engagement in our nursery and we are looking forward to using them again next session!”

Angela Thomson, Manager, Rivendale Nursery