Elaine Kent

Elaine Kent

About us

Chatterbox Champions cards have been created and developed by Elaine Kent.  Elaine has extensive experience of working in primary and early years education but as the Mum of three grown up children she remembers very clearly the challenges of bringing up little ones as well as the joy of cuddles, chats and story times. 

As Depute Head Teacher in a large and busy primary school she loved watching pupils develop their literacy skills and could see the difference it made when children had a wide vocabulary, enjoyed stories and books and had good phonological skills

Working with Speech and Language therapists she knew the importance of high quality language interactions and the key role that parents have to play in helping to develop children’s vocabulary, understanding and confidence. 

Elaine was also aware of research linking early acquisition of vocabulary to later attainment.   The Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggests that “one of the most effective ways to stimulate children’s brains from a young age is back-and-forth conversations”.  In other words, it’s not just the number of words a child hears which is important, it’s the number of interactions they have.  Elaine saw the potential of a resource which provided simple ideas for activities, games and conversations which could easily be built into everyday life. 

The seed for Chatterbox Champions was planted and has now grown into the beautifully designed, high quality product you see today!