Nurseries and Early Years

Chatterbox Champions can be used in so many ways:

  • working in partnership with parents to support children’s learning at home

  • targeting individual children where there is an early concern about vocabulary or speech and language development

  • providing prompts for adult/child conversations

  • practising important pre-reading skills - ideal for nursery or Reception/P1

Children are motivated by the game element of the Chatterbox Chart which lets them keep track of the cards they’ve done and by the stickers they receive once they’ve completed all 26. 


If used as part of a home learning programme there’s no pressure to complete the cards in a given time and parents and children can do as many or as few as they wish.  Written in a clear and easy to understand format, the cards reinforce the important language and literacy skills you will already be working on in your centre or school and can help strengthen links between you and your families at the same time.  

Activities need no special equipment, are fun, quick and easy to do.

Every pack contains 2 stickers but you can order additional sheets of stickers here.

You’ll also get a Chatterbox Chart with each pack which you are free to photocopy as required.