Parents and Carers

Chatterbox Champions cards are all about words – using words, understanding words, sharing words and playing with words because words are really important.  Talking with your child costs nothing but the impact it can have is MASSIVE!  Having a good vocabulary, being able to recognise rhyme, hearing stories read aloud, playing with patterns and sounds all help children when it comes to learning to read.  It’s also been shown that early exposure to language has a profound and positive impact on cognitive development and long-term educational achievement.

Chatterbox Champions provide ideas for simple, enjoyable activities you and your child can do together – games to play, songs to sing, rhymes to learn, books to read.  None of them take very long, they don’t need special equipment and they can be repeated as often as you wish (in fact repetition is a very good thing!).  They’ll help develop those all-important language skills and encourage memorising, listening and following instructions too.  We’re sure that you and your child will love the cards as much as we do!